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Akasa Vegas TL, RGB LED chassifläkt 140mm Vis større

Akasa Vegas TL, RGB LED chassifläkt 140mm


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Akasa Vegas TL 140mm RGB fan, 1200rpm, supports 12V RGB LED pin headers, transparent/RGB

Akasa Vegas TL is a 14cm twin loop, dual sided cooling fan that contains 27 RGB LEDs split among inner and outer loops. Frosted translucent blades provide maximum brightness and are engineered for low noise.

• Supports 12V RGB LED pin headers
• New generation of personalised illumination

• Fan speed: 1200 RPM
• Max airflow: 41.2 CFM
• Fan air pressure: 1.24 mm H²O (max)
• Noise level: 21.2 dB(A)
• Current rating for LED: 0.5A
• Voltage rating for LED: 12V DC
• Current rating for fan: 0.14A
• Voltage rating for fan: 12V DC
• Bearing type: FD bearing
• Connector Fan: 3-pin, LED: 4-pin RGB connector


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