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FA520PPE Neon Flip cover for Galaxy A5 A520 Pink Vis større

FA520PPE Neon Flip cover for Galaxy A5 A520 Pink


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Samsung EF-FA520PPEGWW, Neon Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy A5(2017), pink

A cover that glows to keep you in the know. Incoming notifications light up with orange neon edge lighting so you are alerted to incoming calls, messages, and the alarm with the cover closed.

Complete coverage whichever angle you bump. Featuring a streamlined casing that boasts all-round protection, your device stays safe and secure from external shocks and accidental scratching.

• Color: Pink
• Compatibility: Galaxy A5(2017)
• Neon Flip Cover

Physical specification
Dimensions(WxHxD): 74.9x148.2x13.4 mm
Weight: 56.5 g

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